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Flexible support services for people with a disability and their families in the Gympie Region

Weeroona Employment

Code of Conduct

All staff are required to conduct themselves at all times in a professional manner, maintaining standards of good conduct. The following are accepted ethical practices, which reflect the organisation's philosophy and values.

  • Treating individuals/families with dignity and respect at all times
  • Empowering individuals and families in their choice and decision making through the provision of information and support
  • Supporting service users to exercise their legal and human rights
  • Applying the least restrictive alternative principle in the provision of services to service users
  • Demonstrating a commitment to the principles of social justice within the working environment
  • Promoting the principles of community participation and integration for people with disabilities
  • Promoting the ability of people with a disability to fulfill valued roles in community
  • Respecting the rights of individuals and families
  • Undertaking responsibilities to operate within both a person-centred and family-centred framework
  • Maintaining punctuality in providing a service – being on time for work.
  • Practicing good hygiene while providing a service
  • Refraining from soliciting or personally accepting gifts or gratuities from service users
  • Refraining from smoking in an individuals’ or family’s home, while supporting service users in the community and while transporting people in vehicles
  • Respecting peoples’ personal property
  • Maintaining privacy and confidentiality obligations to service users and to the organisation
  • Maintaining a standard of dress in keeping with the status of the organisation and the role of staff members – attend work in practical, neat, tidy and comfortable clothing.
  • Practicing non-discriminatory behaviour and actions
  • Refraining from any practices, either direct or implied, which may be construed as sexual harassment
  • Referring all requests for statements from the media to the Coordinator/Manager
  • Abiding by the stated policies, procedures, practices and philosophy of the organisation
  • Practicing polite, sensitive and diplomatic communication with individuals/families, staff and the community
  • Ensuring the safety of service users at all times
  • Preventing and responding to the abuse, assault and neglect of people with a disability
  • Refraining from using mobile phones while working, unless in an emergency
  • Exercising the continual development of skills which enhance individual and organisational performance by completing all in-service training as required.
Weeroona - Registered NDIS Provider

Address: PO Box 172
Queensland 4750
Telephone: 07 5482 2451

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