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Flexible support services for people with a disability and their families in the Gympie Region

Weeroona Clients & Families

Weeroona recognises the fundamental role a family can have in the life of an individual with a disability and strives to build and enhance family relationships through the services provided.

In order to maintain a positive working relationship it is important that Individuals and Families are aware of:

Compliments , Concerns & Complaints

Weeroona values participant feedback and is committed to providing the highest quality service. The organisation will ensure that each person using the service is free to raise and have resolved any concerns or complaints he/she may have regarding the service or staff. Concerns or complaints are a basis for the determination of possible improvements to its operation.


Weeroona welcomes compliments and will use these to guide the organisation and acknowledge staffs’ contributions.  Compliments can be made verbally to any staff member and also via email to info@weeroona.org.au.  Weeroona documents all compliments made formally so that staff can receive acknowledgement of their good work and to show service auditors we are getting feedback.


Concerns can be raised with staff and Weeroona has a process to follow through with these.  If the concern is serious, you should consider a complaint being made formally.  Staff are also able to use the Concern process in relation to clients and situations.


Individuals and families have the right to complain about any aspect of Weeroona’s service they are receiving without fear of retribution and can expect all complaints to be dealt with fairly, promptly and confidentially as per Weeroona’s policy.

Weeroona has a Complaints policy that list the steps that are taken to resolve complaints.  The relevant Facilitator or Manager can be contacted at any time for information and support about this process.

Individuals/families are able to nominate a support person of their choice to assist with any complaint and/or subsequent follow up.

Weeroona acknowledges the courage it takes to make a complaint and fully supports anyone a concern or complaint to Weeroona about its services.  We can only grow from learning and resolving mistakes is part of that process.

About Compliments, Concerns and Complaints

  • Weeroona has a Compliments, Concerns and Complaints
    Policy and Procedure
  • You have a right to have a say without fear of retribution
  • You can have a discussion with the Manager or Facilitator
  • You can voice your compliment, concern or complaint by
    • Verbal contact with Weeroona staff, in person or by telephone
    • Written correspondence via post, email, website or in person
    • A representative nominated by you
  • Your concern or complaint will be listened to and remain
  • You have the right to involve a representative of your choice
    eg a relative, friend, neighbour or advocacy worker
  • You have the right to information about who you can take your
    complaint to if you feel it has not been addressed to your
    satisfaction within the organisation

The Weeroona Complaints are OK Charter is available as a PDF document - click the link below to download:

Weeroona Concerns are OKconcerns-are-ok

Weeroona Complaints Charter - 203 KB PDF File

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