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Flexible support services for people with a disability and their families in the Gympie Region

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Support Work FAQs

Support Work is assisting someone to do a task – in their home or out in the community – not completing the task for them but standing beside them giving direction and guidance for them to complete as much as they can on their own.  Giving them a sense of achievement with even the smallest tasks.

Support worker employed by Weeroona are tailored to meet the needs of the person they are supporting in lots of ways:

  • Qualifications / Experience: you have the skills, knowledge and experience to deal with their particular disability or need
  • Temperament
  • Interests -  you like the same things
  • Skills – you have knowledge of something they wish to learn
  • Gender

Support workers are employed by Weeroona to support people with a disability in many different areas:

  • In Home Care – may involve personal care – showering, toileting, dressing, assisting with medication, documentation, etc.
  • Assisting them with light housework, cooking meals, gardening and laundry – all the tasks that would normally happen around the home.
  • Community Access – Shopping for groceries, clothes, window shopping, attending community events like markets, Mens’ Shed, craft mornings, music sessions, etc. – some day to day stuff – some special events.
  • Exercise sessions – attending classes, swimming at Aquatic Centre, throwing balls in the park, golf, etc.
  • Medical appointments – assist to attend, pay attention to medication changes, chemist visits, collection of medication etc. 
  • Assisting with money handling & other life skills
  • Assist with learning new skills and developing existing skills 
  • Being appropriate role models

If you have read the above and think, yes I could to that, then maybe you would be a good fit for someone we support. 

Come in and have a chat with us and complete an application.

If you are looking for challenges every day and the satisfaction of helping someone achieve even the smallest task, then yes, support work could be for you.

Are you able to imagine yourself in someone else’s shoes and have a unique perspectives of that – then yes, support work could be for you

Support work is sometimes slow to start with lots of hours but once you get to know a few clients it can build up to as much or as little as you want to work.

Your employment will be casual to start and once you have completed 12 months and are getting consistent shifts you may be offered a part time role.

Support Work is totally dependent upon funding being received by the clients from NDIS, and is not always 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday role – it can involve short shifts – sometimes 2 hours , longer shifts 5-8 hours, overnight shifts, sleepovers and any day Monday to Sunday each week. 

If you can be flexible with your time, accept different times and sometimes more than 1 client a day,  you will have plenty of opportunities to work at Weeroona. 

We prefer new support workers to have some sort of formal training i.e. Cert III Disability, Aged Care or the like.

This gives you a background to the type of work you will be doing and as you will be out with the client on your own,  gives you a better understanding of what is required from you.

Weeroona provides:

  • Comprehensive Induction covering a variety of subjects like:
    • Assisting with Medication
    • Risk assessment
    • Hazard Identification
    • Manual Handling
    • Workplace Health & Safety
    • Working with our Computer systems – CTARS & EE
    • How to be a good support worker
    • How to write good support notes
    • Incident Management and reporting
    • Updates as needed in relation to NDIS or other changes to support requirements, policy changes or WH&S.
  • Any training specific to the client you are working with:
    • Peg feeding
    • Diabetic training
    • Hoist Training
  • Any training requested by you will be considered as part of your personal development plan talked about in your annual review.
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